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cubs-flagThe Cub Scout flag is yellow, bearing the Scout symbol and Motto.
Both the Union Flag and the sectional Colour are used frequently at religious services, Scouts’ Own Services, Investitures, parades and in camp.

Flag Procedure
In the Scout Association, the following procedure should be adopted when the Union Flag is hoisted, broken or lowered:


When the Union Flag is to be hoisted or broken, all present should be brought into a horseshoe or other formation round the flag, except in very large camps. The order should be given to come to the alert. The Scout who is carrying out the hoisting or breaking proceeds with it, takes two paces back and then salutes, and the others present follow. When the Scout has resumed their place in the horseshoe, the Scout Leader gives the order for the Scouts to be at ease.

When the flag is lowered, the following procedure should be adopted. The attention of all those present should be called by some suitable sign – in camp the blowing of a horn, the ringing of a bell, or something of that nature. All Scouts, whatever they may be doing, cease what they are doing if it is safe to do so, and come to the ‘Alert’ facing the flag. The flag is then lowered and when this is done the signal previously given is repeated so that everyone may carry on with what they were doing. It is the custom in the Scout Association that no one salutes when the flag is lowered. Those responsible for lowering the flag should take the utmost care to see that no part of it comes into contact with the ground.
In United Kingdom, the Union Flag takes precedence over all other flags, and in camp is flown above all other flags, banners etc. But if British Scouts are camping in a foreign country wish to fly that country’s flag as a compliment, this should be flown on a separate mast at the same height as the Union Flag.

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